Whitcomb, Mary E.


Little information is to be found about Mary E. Whitcomb. She grew up in Monona, WI and graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1979. She is now married and currently teaches elementary school in Madison and “collects rocks, fossils and shells” (citation).

Selected Work

Title: Odd Velvet

Author: Mary E. Whitcomb

Illustrator: Tara Calahan King

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Year: 1998

Reading Level: Ages 4-8

Format: Hardcover; 32 pages; 23 cm x 23 cm

ISBN: 0811820041; 978-0811820042

MARC record

Velvet is a young girl who appears very odd to her classmates. She does strange things like bringing a milkweed pod to show and tell in place of a doll and only owning eight crayons. Through her creativity, however, her classmates begin to get to know her better and discover that unusual habits do not mean that there is anything wrong with Velvet and that different does not mean negatively odd.


One Response to “Whitcomb, Mary E.”

  1. Kathy hahn Says:

    Met Mary at Ronald McDonald House where she volunteers. She is truly gifted in her writing as well as her ability to work with children. She instantly connected with our daughter who was having eye surgery in the morning and helped reassure her. We are going back in a couple weeks for other eye and Liz is looking forward to seeing Mary again and Ronald McDonald House. Liz has a lot in common with Velvet! Thanks Mary for all you do:)

    The Hahns 9/2011

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