Sinykin, Sheri


Sheri Sinykin was born in Chicago, IL, in 1950 and grew up in Sacramento, CA. She attended Stanford University, graduating with a B.A. in Communications-Journalism in 1972, and moved through a variety of jobs. After moving to Madison, WI, she decided to devote her time to raising her three sons and writing for children. In pursuit of this goal, she served as the Wisconsin regional advisor for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators for six years. She also received the Member of the Year Award for SCBWI in 1995, and in 2003 she received her Master’s Degree in Writing for Children from Vermont College. Sinykin has written nearly 20 books for young readers, including eight for the widely popular Magic Attic Club series. Her later works deal with grief, loss, and other heavy subjects in a way accessible to young readers. Some of her earlier books also appear under the name Sheri Cooper Sinykin, but she no longer uses her maiden name when writing.

Selected Work

Title: The Secret of the Attic (Magic Attic Club)

Author: Sheri Cooper Sinykin

Publisher: Magic Attic; 4th edition

Year: 1998

Reading Level: Ages 9-12

Format: Paperback; 75 pages; 22 cm x 16 cm

ISBN: 1575130017; 978-1575130019

MARC record is not available for this item.

Four young girls find a key to their elderly neighbor’s attic and decide to play dress-up with the outfits they find there. When they look at themselves in the attic’s mirror, they are transported through time and space and encounter adversity and adventure. They learn about helping others and other valuable life lessons before they are returned to the attic. This is the first book in a series, each later book of which focuses on one of the girls and her adventures in the attic and in her own world.

Other Works

Giving Up the Ghost. Peachtree Publishers, 2007.

The Shorty Society. Puffin, 1996.

Slate Blues. HarperCollins Publishers, 1993.

Next Thing to Strangers. HarperCollins Publishers, 1991.

A Matter of Time. Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 1998.

Please see a more complete list of Sinykin’s books.

More Information

Sheri Sinykin’s website

Sheri Sinykin’s MySpace page

A virtual visit from Sheri Sinykin:


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