Mitchard, Jacquelyn


Native of the west side of Chicago, Jacqueline Mitchard is the daughter of a plumber and a mom who worked at a five and dime and also rode in the rodeo. Her birthday is December 10th which is the same as Emily Dickinson, her MFA is in friendship studies, she never studied writing expect for freshman electives. She is deeply superstitious, and will not leave shoes on a table or walk on a different side of a fixed object from someone she loves. When she wishes on the first star, her wish is always the same: to live to a great age, but to be outlived by all of her children.
Her pet peeves are PhDs who cannot and will not learn the difference between “lie” and “lay” and family signs pluralized with apostrophes. At the local coffee shop, Mitchard is best-known as the mother of Rob, Dan, Marty, Francie, Mia, Will and Atticus – and she can repeat those names in sequence in the space of two seconds – the wife of handsome Chris Brent and the best pal of the extremely photogenic mutt, Hobbes. She and her husband have a big Italianate house built by Mitchard’s husband on Story Hill in south central Wisconsin. Mitchard is a well known adult writer, her most famous book (Deep End of the Ocean) ended up on USA Today’s top ten most influential books of the past 25 years, but she is now working on four novels for young adults.

Selected Works

Title: Now You See Her

Author: Jacqueline Mitchard

Publisher: HarperTeen

Year Published: 2008

Reading Level: Young Adults

Format: Paperback; 224 pages; 17.8 cm x 12.2 cm

ISBN #: 0061116866

Now You See Her tells the story of Hope Shay—who, at just fifteen, seems to have the very stars at her fingertips. An accomplished actor and a student at the elite Starwood Academy for the Performing Arts, she’s seems to be thriving in every way when suddenly and horribly, she vanishes. Deep in the Michigan woods, Starwood prides itself on its security and individual attention to each student. Every aspect of her life—as a young girl in love with an older boy and as an actor—comes under scrutiny. And when hints that Hope may have faked her own kidnapping emerge, no one knows what lies ahead for this beautiful girl.

MARC Record:

Other Works:

Watch for me by Moonlight; Mitchard, Jacquelyn; Razorbill; 2010

Look Both Ways; Mitchard, Jacquelyn; Razorbill; 2009

The Midnight Twins; Mitchard, Jacquelyn; Razorbill; 2008

More Information:

Jacquelyn Mitchard website…


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