Militzer, Jill


She was born and raised in Burlington WI, after high school she earned her Associates Degree from Madison Area Technical College in Tourism Recreation. She taught tennis at different south eastern Wisconsin tennis clubs. She is now following her dream of creating a line of children’s books. She enjoys creating illustrations for her books with the eye of a child in mind so she uses a lot of colored pencils, crayons and markers.

Selected Work

Title: Kizzy’s Castle

Author: Jill Militzer

Illustrator: Jill Militzer

Publisher: Jill Militzer

Reading Level: ages 5-7

Format: Pamphlet paperback; 35 pages; 22.8 cm x 17.80 cm

ISBN #: 1411655389

MARC Record: No MARC Record provided

Kizzy, a lovable dog, imagines if living in a grand castle would make her happier. As she thinks about all of her belongings, Kizzy learns an important lesson. Fancier possessions are not the answer to true happiness. This story reminds the child in all of us, that it is indeed fun to imagine, yet we each need to find out what it is that makes us truly happy, and then hold on to it.

Other Works:

Kizzy’s Lunch; Militzer, Jill: Author & Illustrator & Publisher; 2006

Kizzy’s Park; Militzer, Jill: Author & Illustrator & Publisher; 2006

7 Miles From the Moon; Militzer, Jill: Author & Illustrator & Publisher; 2006

More Information:

Jill Militzer Website…


One Response to “Militzer, Jill”

  1. Diane Says:

    I had spoke to you several years ago at the Reading convention in Milwaukee about speaking/reading to our primary department students. Are you able to visit during National Book Week? Or could you be a Mystery Reader for this year yet?

    Union Grove WI

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