McKy, Katie


Katie McKy was born on August 28, 1956. She received her M.A. in Education from Harvard University. After that McKy worked 23 years as a teacher while using storytelling in every subject. Her school principal told her to become a writer. McKy currently Lives in Eau Claire, WI and has three books published with twelve more in contract.

Selected Work

Title: Pumpkin Town! Or, Nothing is Better and Worse than Pumpkins

Author: Katie McKy

Illustrator: Pablo Bernasconi

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

Year: 2006

Reading Level: Ages 4-8

Format: Paperback; 32 pages; 24cm x 22 cm

ISBN: 0547181930; 978-0547181936

MARC Record

One pumpkin makes a tasty pie. Two pumpkins can be carved into grinning jack-o’-lanterns, and a couple hundred more make for a decent pumpkin patch. Gather one thousand pumpkins and you’ll have a grand fall festival. But what happens when a town has an accidental abundance of pumpkins?

Other Works

Wolf Camp. Illustrated by Bonnie Leick. Tanglewood Press. 2009.

It All Began with a Bean. Illustrated by Tracy Hill. Tanglewood Press. 2009.

More Information

For more information about Ms. McKy please visit her website.

Katie McKy’s Official Website


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