Henkes, Kevin


Was born November 27th, 1960 in Racine Wisconsin, Henkes is the 4th child out of five and a lot if his writing comes from growing up with 4 other siblings and being taught how to deal with interpersonal relationships. He grew up wanting to be an artist, until he reached high school this was his plan until one of his teachers in his junior year encouraged him in writing. That was when interested in writing and illustrating children’s books. When he figured out that this is what he wanted to do he spent a lot of time in the children’s section at the Racine Public Library.

He writes/illustrates three different kinds of books, he has the Mouse books with Chester, Chrysanthemum, Julius, Lily, Owen, Shelia Rae, Wemberly and Wendell, he illustrates different kinds of books for example Old Bear, A Good Day, Kitten’s First Full Moon and My Garden. He was a Caldecott winner for the book Owen in  1994.

Selected Works

Title: Chrysanthemum

Author: Kevin Henkes

Publisher: Harpers Children

Year: 1991

Reading Level: Ages 5-7

Format: Paperback; 32 pages;18.8 cm high x 12.9 cm wide

ISBN #:0061119741

MARC Record

Until Chrysanthemum started kindergarten, she believed her parents when they said her name was perfect. But on the first day of school, Chrysanthemum begins to suspect that her name is far less than perfect, especially when her class dissolves into giggles upon hearing her name read aloud. That evening, Chrysanthemum’s parents try to piece her self-esteem back together again with comfort food and a night filled “with hugs, kisses, and Parcheesi.” But the next day Victoria, a particularly observant and mean-spirited classmate, announces that Chrysanthemum’s name takes up 13 letters. “That’s half the letters in the alphabet!” she adds. Chrysanthemum wilts. Pretty soon the girls are making playground threats to “pluck” Chrysanthemum and “smell her.”

Other Works:

Chester’s Way; Henkes, Kevin: Author & Illustrator; Greenwillow Books; 1997

Julius the Baby of the World; Henkes, Kevin: Author & Illustrator; Greenwillow Books; 1995

More Information:

Kevin Henkes Website…



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