Ernst, Kathleen


Was born in Pennsylvania grew up in Maryland and grew up around books. Her mom was a librarian and her father was an avid reader. Went to college at West Virginia University and studied forestry due to she was interested in Environmental Education. She took a lot of creative writing classes at WVU and history classes. She had seasonal jobs in the environmental education world like Big Cypress Nature Center Florida, Green County Parks Department of Ohio, Glacier National Park in Montana. Her first permanent job was in a living history museum in Wisconsin called Old World Wisconsin she started there in 1982 and worked there for 12 years. While working at Old World Wisconsin she wrote historical fiction as a hobby, she wrote her first novel at 15 but did not get published til she was 35. She work for public television while she started writing for Pleasant Company/American Girl but it got too much to be writing and working so now she is a full time writer and is more busy than she used to be. She and her husband still live in Wisconsin.

Selected Work

Title: American Girl: Clues in the Shadows

Author: Kathleen Ernst

Publisher: American Girl Publishing

Year: 2009

Reading: ages 9 and up

Format: Paperback; 179 pages; 17.2 cm x 13.0 cm

ISBN #: 1593694784

Marc Record

Molly continues to do her patriotic duty by collecting scrap paper and costume jewelry and visiting the local veterans’ hospital with the Junior Red Cross, but she and others around her are growing weary of the war. Her father has returned uninjured but he isn’t his old, cheerful self; her favorite JRC leader mysteriously quits; and someone is interfering with Molly’s collections for the paper drive.

Other Works:

Midnight in Lonesome Hollow: A Kit Mystery Illustrated by Jean-Paul Tibbles

The Runaway Friend: A Kirsten Mystery Illustrated by Jean-Paul Tibbles

Danger in the Zoo: a Kit Mystery Illustrated by Jean-Paul Tibbles

More Information:

Kathleen Ernst Website…

Kathleen Ernst’s blog


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